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About Treasured Gifts

Hi there


My name is Katherine and I love to spoil people and to make them feel special.....


After years of frustration of not being able to find the perfect gifts for my family and friends, I decided to create my own gift boxes. There were so many occasions in my life where I really wanted to spoil my loved ones and I could never find what I wanted. I noticed it even more when I lived interstate and overseas, I would have loved to be able to send Treasured personal gifts. 


Whether it be to spoil your mum on her birthday, to say thank you to a colleague or teacher, to extend your deepest sympathy, to congratulate your friends on becoming parents or all other occasions....we have the perfect gift box for you. Maybe you just want to tell a friend that you are thinking of them and sending your love.


You will see we have a lot of gifts suitable for "get well soon", "hospital peace packs" and "care packages'. Caring for my Mum through her decline with cancer made me even more passionate about cheering people up and lifting their spirits while they faced their health battle.  When someone would send her something in the hospice you could see how truly touched she was that people were thinking of her. Most people sent flowers and although lovely, her room was overflowing and we couldn't breath and I got to thinking, what if people were sending care packages instead to brighten her day and show their love.  I know from personal experience what things can be useful and very practical when you are some delicious cookies to have with your afternoon tea as sometimes that's the only thing an unwell person will look forward to in their day or to  freshen up with the convenience of shampoo and conditioner or to pass the time by playing card games. Not only are our packs practical but also beautiful.  I was also sent so many flowers that took over my house and I ran out of places to put them, you will see we offer a range of Sympathy boxes to perhaps find a different way to show you care. 


All of our products are Australian and we mainly support small businesses. 


We ship boxes Australia wide with pre set designs but we can also organise personal delivery to Darwin and Palmerston regions where an actual human (me) delivers your gift box. You can pick one of our pre designed boxes or call me and we can make up one just for you and your requests.  We also do boxes for real estate settlements and the corporate world. Thank you for supporting my business, I actually do a happy dance when you order. Feel free to contact me any time with any special requests.


Warmest wishes


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