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Hospital peace packs

What if I want to send to a hospital, hospice or rehab centre?

A treasured gift is the perfect gift to send to someone in hospital, a hospice, in palliative care or in rehab but there are  a couple of things to think of

Do you know how long they are there for? If there is a possibility of it only being a couple of days then it might be better to send your gift to a family member to take it in to them just incase they have already been discharged when your gift arrives. It's also a good idea to follow up with the hospital mail room or reception if your gift seems to be taking too long to arrive. Make sure you put their name, ward number and room number on the delivery information as that will make it easier.

Don't forget you can send any gift box from any of our ranges, we just know these things can be useful hence why they are in the hospital peace pack section.

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