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Nurture pack

Nurture pack

It's time to nurture yourself or a loved one.....Float away with some pampering and self love. Light a goddess candle to relax and connect to your inner goddess, do a face mask and use a body scrub to wash the day away. Apply a honey hemp lip balm to hydrate your lips,  then spray a divine grounding aura mist while resting by your rose quartz crystal to bring you love and compassion


Honey bea body- honey body scrub

Deluxe gift box

Windella Farm pink clay and oatmeal face mask

Windella Farm honey hemp lip balm

Rose Quartz crystal 

A-Z Ground and cleanse aura mist

Wick and sage goddess candle-option to change to "air" or "Witch" candle

  • Wick and Sage candles


    The four elements are such an important part of witchy life. Earth, Fire, Wind and Air, all these beautiful elements bringing such different aspects of healing, protection, creativity, wisdom. The four points of North, East, South and West, creating the circle cast for creating serious magick.

    These candles have been created to bring in the magick of those elements, they are perfect for placing at each element for your circle, or placing a sordid energy on your altar. Each candle has been given a scent fitting to that element e.g The earth candle has the scent of a luscious forest while the Fire candle smells of powerful smoke cleansing the air.

    For the Element of air, a beautiful scent has been used with smells of fresh air swirling through a temple of creativity. Herbs for happiness, manifesting and magic have been used and a beautiful piece ion Angel Aura placed on top.

    All candles have been carted using natural soy wax, herbs filled with positive vibes and Crystals charged under the full moon.


    The Witches shadow

    Our shadow self, the side we do not want to see but it is a part of us. This candle delves into the dark where you may find things that you never expected to.

    This candle, whilst darker in tone, is surrounded by protection, Dragonsblood to clear what no longer serves you, a rose petal as a reminder that love conquers all, sits amoungst the thorns and herbs. A piece of black obsidian to cut the cords that are weighing you down and the flame in the centre is to remind you that in every dark moment, there is always a light to guide you out.

    This candle is beautiful for those who love to cry and perfect for those who want to dive deeper into themselves.


    When you think of a Goddess what does that mean to you? A guide? A light through the dark? Someone who brings power but calm? To me it’s love, clarity, peace, strength and most importantly magick.

    This candle is made for all those things. A beautiful piece of Rose Quartz is there to bring you love and open your heart chakra. Moonstone chips to balance emotions. Mugwort tops the candle to fill your life with Magick and Jasmine brings happiness and feminine energy. They are both connected to the moon, as is the goddess and the scent is a calming, wise and revitalizing smell that fill the room with that Goddess power.

    This candle is made of soy wax and ethically sourced herbs and crystals. The burn time is between 50-55 hours and all candles are cleansed before take off!


  • A-Z Ground and cleanse Aura mist

    A-Z’s selection of Aura Mists have been carefully curated through soulful selection of aromas and infusion of our heart energy.

    We love adding this mist to our daily toolbelt; spraying around our face, in our space, and around our body/aura. In doing so we provide ourselves a moment in time, to anchor back into our ‘grounded & cleansed’ state of being.


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